openATTIC 3.7.1 has been released

We're happy to announce version 3.7.1 of openATTIC!

Version 3.7.1 is the first release in 2019, containing fixes for multiple issues that were mainly reported by users.

Besides the bug fixes another big feature of this release is the updated Chinese translation. Special thanks to Joël who submitted the pull request.

Your feedback, ideas and bug reports are very welcome. If you would like to get in touch with us, consider joining our openATTIC Users Google Group, visit our #openattic channel on or leave comments below this blog post.

See the list below for a more detailed change log and further references. The OP codes in brackets refer to individual Jira issues that provide additional details on each item. You can review these on our public Jira instance.

Changelog for version 3.7.1


  • WebUI: Update chinese translations (OP-3179)
  • WebUI: Disable statistic graph for RBD if fast-diff isn't enabled (OP-3181)


  • Backend: Fixed conversion of boolean string configuration values (OP-3176)
  • WebUI: Fix displaying pool information (OP-3177)
  • WebUI: Generation of API token for user doesn't work (OP-3180)
  • Deployment: Adapt Vagrant config to setup a new box from scratch (OP-3185)
  • Packaging: Remove executable bit from CHANGELOG file (OP-3183)
  • Packaging: Correct some file permissions in openattic.spec file (OP-3184)
  • Packaging: Revert to previous working version (OP-3186)


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