Open Source Management and Monitoring System for Ceph


The openATTIC project has entered maintenance mode. New feature development has been discontinued in favor of enhancing the upstream Ceph Dashboard.

See this blog post for details.

openATTIC is an Open Source Management and Monitoring System for the Ceph distributed storage system.

Various resources of a Ceph cluster can be managed and monitored via a web-based management interface. It is no longer necessary to be intimately familiar with the inner workings of the individual Ceph components.

Any task can be carried out by either using openATTIC’s clean and intuitive web interface or via the openATTIC REST API.

openATTIC itself is stateless - it remains in a consistent state even if you make changes to the Ceph cluster's resources using external command-line tools.

openATTIC is based on a modern and extensible architecture, built with proven web technologies like AngularJS, Bootstrap and the Django web application framework.

As of version 3.x, openATTIC helps managing the following aspects of a Ceph cluster:

  • Dashboard: Monitor and visualize the overall health status and key performance metrics of the entire cluster
  • Ceph Pools: Create, manage and monitor individual pools (both replicated and erasure coded pools)
  • Ceph Block devices (RBDs): create, manage and monitor RBDs
  • iSCSI: manage iSCSI targets and portals, access control
  • NFS: create and manage NFS shares (NFSv3 and NFSv4, using CephFS or S3 buckets)
  • Ceph Object Gateway (RGW): manage users, access keys, quotas and buckets
  • Ceph Node management: list all cluster nodes and their roles, monitor per-node key performance metrics

See the feature list for details.

Installation packages are available in the form of package repositories for Linux.

The project is sponsored by SUSE. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2) and follows a completely open and inclusive development process.