The openATTIC project has entered maintenance mode. New feature development has been discontinued in favor of enhancing the upstream Ceph Dashboard.

See this blog post for details.

Ceph Management and Monitoring

openATTIC utilizes various technologies and frameworks to provide an easy to use web interface for the Ceph management and monitoring capabilities provided in version 3.x:

Based on these technologies, openATTIC supports managing the following resources of a Ceph cluster (running Ceph "Luminous"). Check out the live demo and see the openATTIC 3.x screenshot gallery for pictures.

  • Dashboard: Monitor and visualize the overall health status and key performance metrics of the entire cluster via custom Grafana dashboards
  • Ceph Pools: View, create, manage and monitor individual pools (both replicated and erasure coded pools, with and without compression)
  • Ceph Pool Erasure code profile management
  • Ceph Block devices (RBDs): view, create, manage and monitor RBDs
  • iSCSI: manage iSCSI targets and portals, access control (requires DeepSea and lrbd)
  • NFS: view, create and manage NFSv3 and NFSv4 shares on top of CephFS or S3 buckets (requires DeepSea and NFS Ganesha)
  • Ceph Object Gateway (RGW): manage users, access keys, quotas and buckets (via the RADOS Gateway Admin Ops API)
  • Ceph Node management: list all cluster nodes and their roles, monitor per-node key performance metrics
  • Object Storage Daemon (OSD) management (view)
  • CRUSH Map viewer

Other features

  • Multi-user support
  • API Recorder for easy application development/debugging

Missing a feature?

openATTIC is under active development. If you're missing a particular feature, please let us know!