BTRFS resize bug - volume is too small

Today we tried to resize a btrfs volume and always get the following useless error:

"ERROR: unable to resize '/media/test/' - Invalid argument"

We came to the idea, that this is maybe a hardcoded limit or problem, because we figured out that we can resize volumes which are bigger than 256MBit.

I have taken a look into the source code of btrfs and found something in the ioctl.c file in line 1584:

1584        if (new_size < SZ_256M) {
1585               ret = -EINVAL;
1586               goto out_free;
1587        }

After I talked to some guys from the btrfs channel on freenode I figured out that this limit is arbitrarily.

That was the reason I opened up the bug report on

I hope it will be fixed soon.


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