Speaking at the Vault 2017

For your information, I'll be talking about Ceph and storage management with openATTIC on Wednesday, March 22th at 12:00 EST (19:00 UTC) at the Vault 2017.

Vault brings together the leading developers and users in file systems and storage in the Linux kernel and related projects to forge a path to continued innovation and education.

This presentation will give an overview and update about what has happend in the last year of the development of openATTIC, what has changed since the project has been acquired by SUSE and where we are heading to. A general introduction to openATTIC as well as an outline about new features and impovements to openATTIC with regard to the traditional storage using NFS, CIFS, Samba, iSCSI or FC and distributed storage management and monitoring using Ceph.

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I look forward to see you there!


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