Speaking about openATTIC 3.x at the Ceph Days in Ede (NL) on 2017-09-20


After having been heads down with the development of openATTIC 3.x in the past few months, it's time to get back to the surface and start talking about our latest achievements!

In addition to speaking about openATTIC 3.x at SUSECON in Prague later this month, I'll be traveling to the Netherlands next week, to attend the Ceph Day Netherlands.

Quoting the Ceph Days web site:

Hosted by the Ceph community (and our friends) in select cities around the world, Ceph Days are full-day events dedicated to fostering our vibrant community. In addition to Ceph experts, community members, and vendors, you’ll hear from production users of Ceph who’ll share what they’ve learned from their deployments.

I last spoke about the Ceph features in openATTIC 2.x at the Ceph Day in Munich almost exactly a year ago, and a lot has happened with our project in the meanwhile. I look forward to giving an update!

The title of my talk will be "Ceph Management and Monitoring with openATTIC 3.x", covering the following topics:

With version 3.x, the openATTIC project has significantly changed its direction of development and underwent a few major changes. In this session, Lenz will give an overview about the current state of development and the Ceph management functionality provided in version 3 of openATTIC. He will highlight the differences to version 2.x and give an overview about how the new components are being utilized in order to help managing and monitoring Ceph clusters.

The registration for Ceph Day NL is still open, so make sure to register now!


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