Sneak preview of additional Ceph RBD management functions

The upcoming 2.0.13 release will see a number of new Ceph management and monitoring features. While several of them aren't directly visible on the WebUI (yet), Stephan has just submitted a pull request (to be merged shortly) that gives you access to functionality that Sebastian (Wagner) added to the backend in version 2.0.12: this pull request will add first Ceph RBD management capabilities.

This slide show gives you a preview of the upcoming changes:

You will be able to sort the list of RBDs by additional criteria (e.g. Poolname or Size), and you will now be able to create and delete RBDs in openATTIC directly.

Moreover, Stephan's pull request adds some improvements to the visualization of Pool details in the Ceph Pool list.

Once this pull request has been merged and all tests have passed, this functionality will be available for testing in our nightly builds and the live demo system.

As usual, we are grateful for any feedback and suggestions you may have!


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