openATTIC 2.0.2 beta has been released

It is our great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of openATTIC 2.0.2 beta! Since our last public beta release (2.0.1) that we announced on July 21st, 2015, the team has made some notable progress.

While not immediately visible to end-users, a lot of work went into restructuring and reorganizing the openATTIC code base itself. We merged several formerly separate Mercurial repositories into the main openattic repository and deleted obsolete files.

This change will allow us to become more agile and to better work on new features in separate branches of the same repository. It also makes it easier for external contributors; now the entire code base including the new Web UI, documentation and API/UI test suites are part of a single Mercurial repository. The implementation of new features can now include the respective updates to the documentation as well as related QA tests in the same change set.

Speaking of documentation: the current documentation for version 2.0 is still work in progress. We've decided to start from scratch, beginning with an "Installation and Getting Started" guide to get you going. Other chapters dedicated to the new web UI or the new REST API will be added over time, merging content from the 1.2 documentation where appropriate.

This release also includes a new Ceph module (package name openattic-module-ceph that provides preliminary support for creating Ceph RADOS block devices (RBDs) in a Ceph cluster. Such a device can then be treated as any other block device, e.g. creating a file system on it and sharing it via CIFS, NFS or iSCSI.

We also fixed several issues in the Web UI, adding some missing functionality and making usability improvements.

Additionally, the RPM packages for RHEL 7 and derivative distributions received a major overhaul and now include an openattic-release package, to simplify the installation from our public yum repository at Similar to the Debian/Ubuntu packages, the RPMs are now signed with our GPG build key and we provide both official releases as well as nightly builds from two separate yum repositories.

We would like to thank Felix Netzel and Thomas Schweikle for reporting several of the issues that were fixed for this release.

We hope you give this new version a try! Please note that this is still a beta version - handle with care and make sure to create backups of your data.

As usual, feedback is very welcome. If you would like to get in touch with us, consider joining our openATTIC Users Google Group, or visit our #openattic channel on

A more detailed changelog follows:

  • API: Merged the formerly separate REST API test suite into the openATTIC code base (subdirectory gatling).
  • Documentation: Created an initial version of the 2.0 documentation (derived from the 1.2 docs) and added it to the openATTIC code base (subdirectory documentation) (OP-502).
  • Installation: Added --allow-broken-hostname option to allow oaconfig install to proceed without a correctly-configured FQDN (OP-501).
  • Installation: Added Ceph module and created openattic-module-ceph installation package (OP-623, OP-624).
  • Installation: created openattic-release RPM package, to simplify the
  • installation process (OP-537).
  • Installation: Fixed a missing python-djangorestframework dependency for Ubuntu 14.04 (OP-510).
  • Installation: Fixed oaconfig failure when /etc/aliases is missing (thanks to Thomas Schweikle for reporting).
  • Installation: Fixed RPM installation error (semanage: command not found) (OP-571).
  • Installation: Fixed /var/lib/openattic/ftp does not exist warning during the installation (OP-508).
  • Installation: Overhauled the EL7 RPM packages.
  • Installation: RPM packages are now signed with GPG (OP-573).
  • WebUI: Added missing Volume Resize option (OP-425).
  • WebUI: Added performance graph to the Dashboard.
  • WebUI: Adding iSCSI LUNs now only works for hosts that have iqn/wwn attributes (OP-469).
  • Web UI: Fixed a login problem with a newly created user (OP-615, thanks to Felix Netzel for reporting).
  • WebUI: Fixed broken Disk Details URL on the Disk Management page (OP-540).
  • Web UI: Fixed iSCSI LUNs not deletable (OP-618, thanks to Felix Netzel for reporting).
  • Web UI: Fixed some UI usability issues, e.g. "When deleting a volume, pressing "Enter" after confirming the volume name cancels the delete action" (OP-565), "Pressing "Enter" in the volume resize dialogue cancels the intended action" (OP-601).
  • WebUI: Heavily extended the UI test suite.
  • Web UI: Merged the formerly separate Web UI into the openATTIC code base (subdirectory webui).
  • WebUI: Unified the types of the checkboxes of the cluster status widget (OP-566).


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