Meet the openATTIC team at SUSECON 2017 in Prague (CZ)


Conference season is heating up again - next week Kai Wagner (co-founder of the openATTIC project) and myself will be at SUSECON in Prague, to talk about how to manage a Ceph cluster with SUSE's Salt-based DeepSea project and openATTIC 3.x.

SUSECON marks an important milestone in our project's history - it was at last year's SUSECON in Washington, DC at which the acquisition of the openATTIC project and team by SUSE was announced.

A lot has changed in the meanwhile - among other things, the team has grown significantly (Ricardo Marques and Tiago Melo from Portugal and Volker Theile from Germany joined us), we switched from Mercurial to git and changed the project's focus in version 3.x into becoming a scalable, feature-rich Ceph management tool.

We look forward to show off what we have worked on and achieved in the meanwhile. If you haven't done so already - make sure to register for SUSECON right away! See you next week!


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