The openATTIC project has entered maintenance mode. New feature development has been discontinued in favor of enhancing the upstream Ceph Dashboard.

See this blog post for details.

Source Code

The openATTIC source code is managed in a git repository on BitBucket.

To create a local clone of the repository, simply run the following command:

$ git clone

If you plan to contribute to the code, you should fork the project on BitBucket and work on your changes there.

Each official release of openATTIC as well as nightly snapshots are also available as source tar archives, which can be downloaded from here

Installing openATTIC from packages

openATTIC can be installed on Linux only.

There is no individual packaged download of the software - we provide dedicated package repositories to facilitate the easy installation and automatic updating using the Linux distribution's built-in package management.

Packages for SUSE Linux (openSUSE Leap) can be obtained from the openSUSE Build Service.

See the openATTIC Installation and Getting Started Guide for instructions on how to subscribe to these repositories in order to install these packages using your distribution's package management utilities.