openATTIC — the only storage system you'll ever need

User: openattic / Password: openattic

create and manage storage

... in a box ...

  • LVM, ZFS, XFS, Btrfs
  • ZFS Deduplication and Compression
  • Snapshotting

... and beyond ...

  • Multi-Node Management
  • Synchronous Mirroring with DRBD®
  • High Availability Clustering with Pacemaker

... for satisfied clients

  • Windows File Storage (CIFS)
  • Virtualization Storage (NFS)
  • Block Storage (iSCSI, FibreChannel)
  • Cloud Storage (Ceph)

with open source on linux

made of state-of-the-art components...

  • Packages available for Debian & Ubuntu
  • runs on commodity hardware
  • uses the standard tools you know

... bundled for maximum flexibility

  • modular, extensible architecture
  • everything open source


Get involved and make a difference!

via a simple user interface

The whole system at a glance

  • system health
  • volume utilization
  • disk load

reduced to its essential parts ...

  • no worries about syntax
  • no-nonsense configuration
  • no need to be an expert

... giving you complete control

  • sensible defaults
  • what you need, where you need it
  • reliable storage

see the Features page for details.

openATTIC combines open source storage tools in such a way that their entire functionality can be managed through a central interface. Carefully matched components ensure both stability and security. Its open interface enables you to integrate openATTIC to provisioning, monitoring and backup systems.

No black box - everything is open source

Nightly Build and Test

  • Debian Packages
  • Ubuntu Packages
  • RedHat Packages
  • Debian Installation
  • Ubuntu Installation
  • Integration Tests



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